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  Baylor High Energy Physics Seminar

Spring 2011 (Monday: 15:30-16:30)

Baylor BSB
  • Feb 28 (Room A201):
    Speaker: Yongqing Huang
    Title: Stability, ghost, and strong coupling in non-relativistic general covariant theory of gravity with a running constant
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  • Mar 21 (Room A202):
    Speaker: Dr. Walter Wilcox
    Title: Thomas-Fermi Quark Model
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  • Apr 11 (Room A202):
    Speaker: V H Satheeshkumar
    Title: A Holistic View of the Theories of Quantum Gravity
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  • Apr 18 (Room A202):
    Speaker: Timothy J Renner
    Title: Systematic investigations of the free fermionic heterotic string landscape using the FF framework
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  • May 2 (Room A202):
    Speaker: Dr. Hongxuan Liu
    Title: Search for New Physics with Large Missing Energy and Multijet Signature at the Large Hadron Collider
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Kenichi Hatakeyama