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  Baylor High Energy Physics Seminar

Spring 2013 (Monday: 15:30-16:30, Room A202)

Baylor BSB

  • Feb 25:
    Speaker: Mr. Satheeshkumar VH
    Title: Theoretical Limits on the (Non-)Existence of Lorentz Frame Near Black Hole Singularity
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  • Mar 4:
    Speaker: Prof. B.F.L. Ward
    Title: An Estimate of Lambda in Resummed Quantum Gravity in the Context of Asymptotic Safety and Planck Scale Cosmology: Constraints on SUSY GUTS
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  • Mar 18:
    Speaker: Mr. Ahmad Borzou
    Title: General Relativity as an Effective Field of a Power-Counting Renormalizable Tensor-Tensor Theory of Gravity
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  • Apr 15:
    Speaker: Dr. Karen Bland
    Title: Search for Rare Z Decays into Two Reconstructed Photons at CDF
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  • Apr 29:
    Speaker: Dr. Staszek Jadach
    Title: Adding NLO corrections into ladders of initial state parton shower Monte Carlo simulation
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