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  Baylor High Energy Physics Seminar

Spring 2014 (Monday: 15:30-16:30, Room A202)

Baylor BSB

  • Feb 3:
    Speaker: Dr. Aleksander Kusina (Southern Methodist University)
    Title: Nuclear Parton Distributions
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  • Feb 17:
    Speaker: Douglas Moore (PhD Candidate, Baylor University)
    Title: The Landscape of Free Fermionic Models
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  • Mar 3:
    Speaker: Will Flanagan (PhD Candidate, Texas A&M University)
    Title: Supersymmetry Searches Using Vector Boson Fusion Present and Future
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  • Mar 24:
    Speaker: Dr. Daniel Bolton (Baylor University)
    Title: Using Lattice QCD to Constrain Chiral Perturbation Theory
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  • Apr 14:
    Speaker: Dr. Hongxuan Liu (Baylor University)
    Title: Supersymmetry Searches at the Large Hadron Collider with Jets and Missing Energy Signature
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